How did you find this money?

We audit many different agencies’ databases for funds due to citizens like yourself.

How much is my claim for? Where are my funds being held?

Once you have signed our contingency agreement or POA, you will immediately be informed of how much your claim is for, and where the money is being held.

Where did this money come from?

The government is currently holding over 35 Billion dollars in various departments, agencies, and bureaus, made up of funds related to property sales, foreclosures, tax overpayments, mortgage overpayments and other types of transactions. We strongly suggest getting a claim started and recovering these funds as soon as possible.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us. We can begin right away.

Are there any upfront costs?

That’s a good question and the answer is NO.

Our primary focus is helping people recover funds that are rightfully theirs.

There are massive amounts of ongoing governmental audits, attorney fees, filing claims, legal opinion letters, and more that we work through to help you recover your money.

None of this costs you anything upfront and we only receive a portion of the money that we recover for you AFTER all the work is done.

Contact us for more information and we’ll discuss everything upfront.

How quickly will I receive the money?

It depends. If there is surplus foreclosure money available, it typically takes between 60-120 days to process a claim. We work as quickly as possible and will notify you if a refund is available sooner.

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Is this legal?

Absolutely. If we find that you are, in fact, the rightful owner of these funds, you have every right to claim them. It is also absolutely legal for our company to act as your agent, and deal with the government agencies on your behalf, with the proper documents.

I’m afraid to sign legal documents with a company I just heard of. What should I do?

We will provide the documents to you, with your permission, prior to you signing them. We can send them to you via email and go over them either by Zoom or phone so you have a complete understanding of what you are signing. Most of our documents are standard agreements prepared by the state in which your funds are being held. Our contingency agreement is very simple and to the point- there is no confusing legal jargon, just a simple agreement about how we will split the proceeds of your claim if successful in collecting. All documents you will need to sign pertain only to your particular claim, and don’t give our company any power relating to anything else in your life. We don’t have access to any of your personal financial information, or power to make decisions on your behalf relating to anything except the claim. All document signings will be done in the presence of a licensed notary public local to your area. Rest assured that you’re in good hands with RAUSA

This sounds like a scam… how can I be sure it isn’t?

Let’s layout the worst-case scenario. Let’s say we get your paperwork and we submit to it our Attorneys and find out that the government doesn’t owe you money. In that case, because we didn’t collect anything for you, it wouldn’t cost you a cent. We bear 100% of the cost of doing all the research and legwork. There’s never any upfront cost to our clients.

Let’s go to the other extreme. Let’s say we find the money and it’s still there waiting to be claimed. Our Attorneys file the claim, manage the entire process, and do all the legwork. You get to live your life and focus on other things, and in 60 to 120 days we call you up and say you will be receiving a check. In either case… you win.

If you’re still skeptical, we are happy to provide references of past clients we have worked with.

Contact us and lets discuss the possibilities for you!

Why should I use your company?

We are in the full time business of providing a service to people for them to recover funds that they were unaware were being held in their name. You’re in good hand with RAUSA

Can’t I just look for this money on my own?

Yes you can. Where you would start is another question entirely. There are countless piles of government records that our researchers have to sort through to identify people who may be owed money. However, you can do all the work, research, filing, attorney fees, claims, and pay all costs yourself.

OR you can let us do the work for you with no upfront cost and enjoy life while we’re doing it all for you!

I need to talk to my husband/wife/other family members about this. Can I wait and think about it?

Of course. However, the sooner you contact us to begin the process of recovering money that belongs to you, the sooner your claim will be processed.

I don’t feel comfortable with this whole process. Can I have my husband/wife/son/daughter handle it instead?

Yes, you can have a trusted advisor or family member call us – the only thing we will need from you is to be present at the time of the signing of documents. We need the actual claimant’s signatures on any claim forms and agreements, and will need to verify that person’s identity (via a driver’s license or other form of identification) before we can process a claim on their behalf.